Tampa, Florida -- People cried, prayed and got angry on Wednesday over the death of a little girl.

"It shouldn't take a child to die for them to fix the gates-that's messed up," said complex resident Cashawnna Moore, whose daughter attends the same school as the victim.

About 7 a.m., at the Brookside Apartments, a heavy entrance gate somehow fell on 7-year-old Zhanaye Williams. The girl was walking to the school bus stop with some other children and they yelled for help.

Alonzo Pettway heard them.

"There's nothing they could do, but sit there and scream and scream for help," he said.

Rescuers found the girl down on the pavement, her head bleeding heavily. At least four adults struggled to lift the gate.

"We're trying to pick up the gate, but we couldn't," said William Ruffin, 18, who with his older brother ran to help. "And then we figured out that the little girl's leg was tangled in between three of the bars."

Renters said they've complained about the upkeep of the complex and code enforcement records confirm there have been some calls. There's a burned-out unit that residents point to as a hazard and other rickety fences.

Resident Elrod Jones said he's angry about the girl's death.

"I'm hot now, because that's like my child."

And Jones showed 10 News another potentially dangerous fence that kids climb through on their way to and from school. On Wednesday evening, after our TVstory aired, a worker was busy bracing that fence.

Managers at the complex had no comment onthe incident.

Williams was a second grader at Riverhills Elementary School. The Hillsborough School District sent home a letter to parents on Wednesday and on Thursday crisis counselors will be at the school.

Some of the children walking home from the bus stop on Wednesday afternoon were visibly upset. Some of them had even seen the girl trapped underneath the fence. They described their friend as "nice" and "lively" and they can't believe she is gone.

If she could, 11-year-old Kiara Hall Porter would tell her, "I want to say, I will always love you and you always been my sister and everything and I will never forget you," she said before dissolving into tears.

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