Tampa, Florida - Michelle Williams, the chief of stafffor the New Black Panthers, wanted George Zimmerman dead or alive.

At least that's what she said on the nationally syndicated radio talk show hosted byBubba the Love Sponge.

On Tuesday, he replayedher interview from an online talk show, and in it, she was heard making racial slurs.

Michelle said, "Let me tell you, the things that's about to happen, to these honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these ---- people. It has been long overdue.My prize right now this evening is gonna be the bounty, the arrest, dead or alive, for Geroge Zimmerman."

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Michelle later apologized for those comments saying, she was "angry" and "sad" over the Trayvon Martin case.

But, she also says she stands strong in her beliefs.

"I don't back off from the words that I said because I said them, they came out of my mouth. I own up to them, I've never been a coward. I'm not going to begin now. I don't know how to do it," she said.

After airing those comments, 10 News received hate mail from all over the country,some of it too volatile and vulgar to say on television.

One man wrote, "What this woman said was totally racist, insightful and flat out hateful. You were so sympathetic in your article that it made me sick. She meant every word she said and would probably gladly judge a person just because they were white. She makes me angry. Why are you covering up and making excusesfor her? Wouldn't that make you accountable for any violence that happens because of her words? As a white person, if I said what she said only used brown instead of pink, I'd be called a racist. That's so hypocritical. It only fosters division and contempt for the other races. You are not helping."

Another person wrote, "You are catering to a racist."

Michelle addressed those comments about her words. "I said them, they're out there. I can't take them back. I'm not going to take them back. I've owned up to anything I've done whether right or wrong, whether you like it or not. I shoot from both hips."

After her comments, Michelle has heard from people all over the country. She knows her words caused a lot of anger, and she offered an apology.

Still, she says, she'll continue her work with the New Black Panther party.

"One thing about me, one thing about Michelle Williams, you better bet your job on it, I will never throw a rock and hide my hand, I will never throw a rock and hide my hand. I want you to know it came from Michelle Williams," she said.

10 News seniorinvestigative reporter Mike Deeson says he got calls from members of the African American community with claims that Michelle had a criminal history.

Mike exposed her past live during 10 News at 6pm on Wednesday, saying that she had a criminal record that included aggravated assault, grand theft and exploitation of an elderly person.

Michelle told us, "Mike is a darn good investigative reporter, Mike has a job to do, he did his job. I don't run and I don't hide from nothing, nothing. I face everything in life, I face it head on."

She added, "I'm like, well what person did I portray myself to be? I never portrayed myself to be a goody two shoes, I portrayed myself to be a snob or above anyone else."

One thing Michelle is hoping for after all this controversy is peace for the family of Trayvon Martin.

"What Trayvon Martin has done, the death of this 17-year-old black child has shaken the American faith right now. We have to do something about that, every American. It's our duty," she said.

Michelle Williams watched the live announcement tonight fromspecial prosecutor Angela Corey in Jacksonville. The chief of staff from the New Black Panther party in Tampa says she felt relief to hear that George Zimmerman is behind bars.

Weasked her if she has received any death threats, andshe said no. Sheadds, she's not afraid to continue speaking out to those who will listen.

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