Manatee County, Florida -Around the McCord household, ladders are rarely needed.

"I'm around 5 foot 11 inches," saysJessica McCord, an 11th grader at Lakewood Ranch High School.

"I'm 6 foot 3 inches," says Jessica's mother Debbie.

This mother and daughter team come from a family of very tall women.Jessica's older sister Anna is 6'2" and so is her aunt Kristin.

"My father always says, 'Why try to fit in if you are born to stand out?'" says Debbie.

With that saying in mind and oh-so-many others...

"No, I don't play basketball," says Jessica.

They've heard the jokes countless of times. "Yes my legs are that long. No, I'm not wearing heels," she adds.

Thefour women started a t-shirt company two years ago called "I Love My Height."

"We add new sayings every month. We have over 40 sayings right now," says Debbie.

The"I Love My Height" t-shirt website went online last May and the business soared. Debbie says they've had about 400 orders shipped tofive orsix different countries.

Jessica says she understands the challenges of being tall. "Today I am probably taller than 80 percent of the guys at my school," she explains.

But she also celebrates the benefits of her height. Jessica says, "I can see great at concerts, I don't have to get on my tippy toes can reach the top shelf. There are a lot of advantages. I love it."

Jessica and her family hope each t-shirt sold helps another woman stand tall and proud. "Even if you are different, you are just as beautiful and as amazing as any other girl who might be shorter than you," says Jessica. "Straighten up be proud of your height."

The"I Love My Height" t-shirt website is expanding its t-shirt business to include more accessories for women, more men's t-shirts and items for tall kids too.

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