Tampa, Florida - Tampa Police have arrested a Bay area doctor and charged him with 33 counts of possession of child pornography.

Dr.James Murphy, 49, isan anesthesiologist at Bayfront Medical Center.Tampa police Sgt. Bill Todd says Dr. Murphy lives at Casa Bella Luxury Apartments in South Tampa and earns half a million dollars a year.

"Probably has a higher level of trust, because he has people's lives in his hands," says Sgt. Todd.

Now it's Murphy's life in the hands of the judicial system after his arrest. Authorities say the pictures found in his possession wereof mostly young, teenage girls.

Detectives say on Wednesday, someone close to Murphy tipped them off to the pictures.A search warrant was issued of his home and investigators say they took several electronic devices, including the hard drive of an iMac.

Thousands of pictureswere allegedly found -- many described as child erotica -- but detectives say 33 pictures are clearly child pornography.

"I believe most were off the Internet. I don't believe we found any pictures he would have taken," says Sgt. Todd.

Detective Dusty Rhodes with Tampa Police viewed all the pictures. He says, "It's rather disgusting to not be able to classify some of the things we looked at as child pornography."

Detectives also found a 32 minute long video called "Stranger Smart" in Murphy's home. The video teaches kids danger signs to look for when a stranger approaches.

"I don't know if he was contemplating that. I don't understand why a gentleman in his 40's would have that kind of video. It was a red flag to us," says Sgt. Todd.

Policebelieve Murphy has not acted out his fantasies. Sgt. Todd adds, "We do have concerns that's where he was heading to."

A spokesperson for Bayfront Medical Center says Dr. Murphy has been a contract employee since 2005 andhas takena voluntary leave of absence. Murphy bonded out of jail Thursday morning.

If found guilty, police say he faces decades in jail.

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