Tampa, Florida -- Dorisann Alexander tears up while reading cards left in remembrance of her great niece.

"I'm going to take this one to mom, because this one is handwritten," she says removing a card taped to a fence at the Brookside Apartments.

On Wednesday morning, Zhanaye Williams lay broken and bleeding in the same spot now adorned by balloons and stuffed animals.

While playing with other children on the way to school, a heavy gate at an entrance to the apartment complex fell on Williams. According to a preliminary autopsy report, the girl died of head injuries.

"Nothing in the world can replace a child. That's a 7-year-old life that's gone. Who knows what tomorrow could have brought her? She's gone!" says Alexander, her voice breaking with emotion.

According to police, kids on the way to the school bus stop were playing on a wheeled gate; one that residents say wasn't working. Zhanaye was standing on the bottom rail getting a ride back and forth, when the gate started to tip, while her older brother Christian looked on in horror.

"He couldn't understand why she didn't run, but I guess she was shocked. The gate was coming and all she could do was stand there," said Alexander.

Zhanaye was a second grader at Riverhills Elementary and crisis counselors were at the school. Children there made cards for the family and today one of her classmates also left a note on the fence.

"Rest in peace and fear no evil," Emaria Smith wrote.

Smith, just seven herself, remembers a good friend.

"Friendly, nice, intelligent-she was a good reader also," Smith said in a quiet voice.

Like others before him, Alonzo Pettway brought a stuffed animal. He hopes each one is a reminder to Zhanaye's family that a little girl's smile will be missed.

"I'm bringing something so she knows she has a lot of support out here."

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