Tampa, FL-- Bucs' general manager Mark Dominik shed very little light, on the team's plans for next week's NFL Draft. He met with reporters on Thursday, to discuss the Draft.

Like most NFL general managers, Dominik plays his draft cards close to the vest. No one wants to reveal any hint of their plans before the draft.

Domink would only say that they would go for the best player on their draft board, when they select #5... that's if they don't trade the pick.

"We'lltry to follow the board, as much aswe can," Dominik told reporters. "That's what everybody says, we'll take the highest guy... But the reality is, you could be a team that takes 7 straight quarterbacks, and everybody is going to look at you and wonder... Well, I took the highest guy on the board... That's not reality... You try and balance it as much as you can... And make sure you make the right selection, for your team, at that point."

Sources said Thursday that the Indianapolis Colts would select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, with the number-one choice. That is not a surprise. It's also believed the Washington Redskins will take Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III with the second choice.

After that, the Minnesota Vikings have the #3 pick, followed by the St. Louis Rams at #4, then the Bucs at #5.

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