TAMPA, Fla.- University of South Florida students are cleaning out their closets and "making a difference" at the same time.

Arms full of clothes, Lissette Colon is once again cleaning out one of the several collection boxes on USF's Tampa Campus. It's all part of "Spring Clean and Build Self Esteem."

Public relations students came up with the campus-wide campaign to help clothe needy kids, but also to apply what they've learned in class.You see, they created all the marketing materials and utilized social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to promote the clothing drive.

Everything they collect is going to "Clothes to Kids." Students are adding to the racks so children can to go to school wearing clothes that make them feel like they fit in.

It's a win, win, win.The college students apply their newly learned skills, Clothes to Kids stocks its shelves, and younger child get some hip, stylish clothes.

The response has been so overwhelming on campus that students have decided to extend the clothing drive.You can check out the campaign's Facebook page at!/ClothesToKidsDrive or

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