MARIETTA, Ga. (WXIA)-- It was supposed to be an April Fool's joke, but many are calling a list in a localschool newspaper racist and offensive.

According to Cobb County Schools spokesperson Jay Dillon, the list was part of an April Fools' "parody section" of Sprayberry High School's student newspaper and was not intended to be offensive. The issue was cover-dated April 25, 2012.

The column listedthe "top 20 reasons why Obama should not be re-elected."

The list includedstatements like, "He's black; He's half white; He's a Nazi; He's a Zionist; His dog is ugly; He's responsible for childhood obesity."

Parent Danisha Crummie called our sister stationWXIA 11Alive to tell us about the article and her outrage.

"I was angry, upset; I don't see how the school allowed it to be published," she said.

Her daughter, Sprayberry Sophomore Diavonni Jordan, said it had created tension and arguments at the school.

"Everybody's arguing because people are like, 'It's not that serious', and other people are like, 'Well, you don't understand because you're not black,'" she said.

The Obama parody was printed along with others making fun of school discipline, teacher worship and possible Vice-Presidential choices for Mitt Romney.

Apparently several students and their parents didn't see any humor in the Obama satire, however.

Dillon told 11Alive's Paul Crawley that afterseveral complaints from parents and students, the students involved in creating the parodies videotaped an apology that ran on the school's morning announcements on Thursday.

Sprayberry posted a written copy of the formal apology onits school website.

The apology reads as follows:

Recently, the Sprayberry newspaper The Stinger published an article trying to humorously comment on the President. In regards to the Obama article, we would like to say that the article was meant as a piece of satire. The article was published in our April Fool's section, The Zinger, of the newspaper and was meant to be a comedic take on the media's comments on the President. Satire is the use of humor, irony or exaggeration to poke fun at certain parts of society. We realize that this did not come off as we intended, and we sincerely apologize for offending anyone.

Dillon said other than the apology, the students and their faculty advisor will not face any further discipline.

"I think they've learned a valuable lesson from this and I think that they've taken steps to prevent that from happening in the future," he added.

A member of the newspaper staff and one of those in the videotaped apology later called 11Alive News to say that the article was indeed pure parody.The student added that many on the paper are actually fans of the President and that no disrespect to him or the office was intended.

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