New Port Richey, Florida -- The undead are descending upon a Pasco County movie theater this weekend.

A couplehundred ghouls are expected to show up this weekendforZombiefest at theLittle Road Cinema 6 Movie Theater in Port Richey. They will be eating brains, doing the Thriller dance, playing zombie tag, and of course, watching zombie movies.

There were plans for a Zombie Walk,but it had to be canceled because so many zombies were expected, and the organizers didn't have the proper permits.

Photo Gallery:Zombiefest 2012 preview
More Information:Zombiefest's website

So what is it about zombies that even seemingly normal people will allow themselves to become rotting, growling, stumbling versions of themselves? Click on the video above as 10 News Photojournalist Casey Cumley infiltrates the ranks of the undead to find out.

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PHOTOS: Zombie Walk

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