VERONA, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The 2013 Walk to Defeat ALS gets underway this Saturday at 8 AMat Bangor's Hayford Park.

ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, is a terminal illness that slowly takes away a persons ability to walk, talk, speak and even swallow. According to The ALS Association, there is no known cause of this disease; it can strike anyone at any time.

Thirteen year old Kevin MacDonald knows first hand what is like to watch a loved one suffer with ALS. His uncle, Bucksport native Cory Bennett, spends every day fighting for his life.

We spoke with Kevin this morning about his uncle Cory's battle, and here's what he had to say:

"He was in the Navy Seals, like on one of those big ships with the jets and stuff. I always imagine him jumping out of a window and shooting at a helicopter," he said. "He was pretty much my whole future. I've always wanted to be just like him one day, helping out pretty much everyone that I can."

He continued to say, "We started to realize it because his voice started to change and like started to get all raspy and stuff. That kind of scared me for a second. It pretty much made me forget who he was just by the change of his voice. It just made me think, 'how did this happen?'"

He also added, "I'm really hoping that they can find a cure. I'm hoping that one day my uncle will finally get out of the chair and come back here and visit. It's... I just really miss him being here, and all the fun times we had together with passing the football and climbing the roof. Just waiting for that one day."

To see Kevin explain his uncles battle in his own words, watch the video above.

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