TAMPA, Fla. - A precautionary boil water notice is costing some businesses in New Tampa quite a bit of money this weekend.

Awater main ruptured on Friday along Bruce B. Downs Blvd. and gushed out hundreds of thousands of gallons. The entire area from Amberly Drive to Tampa Palms Boulevard was flooded. Nearly all residents in the neighborhood subdivisions were leftwithout water.

George Lakkios, the owner of ABC Pizza, had no water for three hours and was forced to shut down his business. He now has to boil any tap water used for cooking or drinking.

Lakkios said he recently bought hundreds of bottles of water for his customers. The business owner also had to buy ice and get the ice machine cleaned out, just in case there was contaminated water inside. It has cost him about $355 so far.

"It is frustrating. Very frustrating. Business, you know, is bad as it is right now, so when you have to make an extra effort to spend money. Money we don't have. But that's the way it is," said Lakkios.

He hopes the boil water notice is lifted soon, so he can hopefully make back the hundreds of dollars he's spent.

The boil water notice should be in effect until at least Monday. That means bringing water used for drinking and cooking to a rolling boil and holding it there for one minute.

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