Tampa, Florida - The surveillance video captures raw mean. A man walking home after his car breaks down is suddenly set upon by four young men or teens--their fists and feet flying.

"It's shocking, it's absolutely shocking," says Tampa Police Lt. Mary O'Connor. "We definitely need the public's help in identifying who these vicious individuals are. They kicked him about the face, they punched him numerous times. It was just an absolute vicious attack on him."

The victim, 24-year-old Johnny Aparicio, was walking home early Sunday morning along Iowa Avenue West. A motion-activated camera on a nearby homecaught the attack.

Aparicio is in the Army and stationed at MacDill Air Force Base. He's only been in Tampa a few weeks.

"He's young, very nice, pleasant," says a manager at his apartment complex. Pat Chumley doesn't know Aparicio well; still the thought of thugs putting him in the hospital to her is sickening.

"When I think about somebody I know that's been hurt, I just hope whoever did this will be found and they'll be prosecuted," said Chumley.

After the men took his wallet and phone, Aparicio managed to make it to a nearby home, where a woman called 911.

And other residents of the Gandy Gardens neighborhood hope this attack isn't a sign of crime taking root here.

Gary Sutliff says, "I've been here 38 years at this place and we've never had anything like this happen."

Police say Aparicio was taken to Tampa General Hospital with severe cuts and bruises to his face, but no broken bones.

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