ORLANDO, Fla. (WKMG)- Evans High School students are getting an after school lesson in the law: Obey or pay a $62.50 ticket.

With just a few weeks left in the school year Orange County deputies started issuing tickets to students caught crossing eight-lanes of traffic on Silver Star Road.

The move comes following CBS affiliate WKMG's latest undercover school crossings investigation.

A tip complete with cellphone photos ledWKMG to the pedestrian problem at Evans High.

Although crosswalks are set up at key locations on Pine Hills Road and Silver Star Road, Orange County deputies say students have been using their own illegal short cuts since the start of the school year.

Orange County Sheriff's Cpl. Keith Vidler says deputies have been issuing verbal warnings over patrol car loud speakers all year advising students to use the crosswalks.

"Eventually someone is going to get hit by a car and the parents are going to say 'what have you been doing?' Well, we've been out here every day warning them, " Vidler said.

WKMG's cameras caught students darting across Silver Star Road for several weeks.

WKMGinvestigative reporter Mike Holfeld advised Orange County Public Schools and Evans High School Principal Dr. David Christianson of the findings.

Christianson, says he took immediate action that included a strategy session with Orange County deputies.

"I went out myself and observed the same concern that you had and then we made the adjustments," he said.

The adjustments include safety reminders on the campus TV news and the placement of school deans outside of Pine Hills Road.

"Now we're having to adjust that," Christianson said, "Because they're doing the same thing on Silver Star."

Last Thursday Orange County deputies issued 10 tickets. On Friday they issued a few verbal warnings. On Monday, they issued seven tickets and Tuesday, there were no tickets issued. A total of 17 tickets were given out to students in four days.

Deputies say the compliance following one full day of issuing fines, was remarkable.

Now the question is will the students use the crosswalks or just revert back to their old ways when deputies are not around?

Vidler says deputies will continue to issue tickets to make sure the kids follow the law and are safe.

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