TAMPA, Fla.- At first glance, the security videolooks like a routine shopping trip at aSuper Target store, but when you look closer you can seeMervin Bettis stashing item after iteminto a cooler in his shopping cart.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says it happened on May 27,2011 around 4:15 p.m. at the Target store at 11627 W. Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa.

Detectives say Bettisswiped$1,112.90 worth of merchandise and it was all caught on tape.But Bettis may not have knowna member of the store's security team was on to him.

In the video clip, yousee a security worker in plain clothesfollowing him out of the store andputtinghim into a bear hug to try to restrain himand that's when the struggle starts. Moments later, 65-year-old Russell Horner, a uniformed security guardworking at the store,runs to the scene to break up the struggle, which lasts for four minutes.

Bettis is eventually handcuffed while shocked customers look on. Many headout of the store's exit doors, turn around, and head back intothe store when they see the struggle.

Horner escorts Bettis to the store's security office so law enforcement can be calledin and it'sduring that timethat Horner struggles to walk and startsexperiencing a shortness of breath, according to investigators.

Horner eventually walks into a room adjacent to the security office to get some latex gloves and he collapses out of the sight of the security camera.

It wasseven minutes after the struggle with Bettis started.

Detectives say Horner suffered a heart attack. He was rushed to Town and Country hospital, buthe didn't survive.

During the time Horner suffers the heart attack,you seeBettis bucking, squirming, and doing everything he can to try toget out of his handcuffs so he can break free, but it doesn't work. Thesecurity worker in plains clothes can be seen running for helpwhen he realizes what's happened to Horner.

Bettis was charged with robbery and battery on a person 65 years and older, but in September 2011 those chargeswere upgraded to third degree felony murder once Horner's autopsy revealed his heart attack was brought on due to the struggle with Bettis.

Hornerwasa retired member oflaw enforcement.

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