ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.- Both parents and St. Petersburg Police are asking a big question of a local dad:what in the worldwere you thinking?

Larry Cornelius Stephens is in big trouble with police after his6-year-old child in kindergarten reportedly went to school today with a backpack filled with 89 grams of pot and a scale.

Larry's family defended him, saying he's a good dad with bad luck.

One cousin told 10 News, "He's innocent, man, simple mistake, man.Gave someone a ride last night, and that's it. The bookbag was left in the car and that was it."

Another cousin said, "He don't do nothing bad, never thought this would happen."

So, how were the drugs discovered? Thechild bragged about it, investigators say,and presented it show-and-tell style to the teacher, saying with a smile, "Look what I've got!"

Police spokesman Bill Proffitt said, "Very sad that thischild grows up in an environment like this. How it affects them, [we] don't know."

When the teacher at Campbell Park Elementary School called the cops immediately, police say it was right about then that Larry realized the drugs were in the backpack. The 25-year-old daddid a U-turn and headed back to school to get his stash, police say, but it was too late.

Police say Larry told them he sold pot to support his family, that this was his "business" and that he usedit to make money for his family.

An uncle told 10 News, "He's a good dad, good dad, he's a great dude."

Stephens' attorney, Daryl Rouson,advised him to turned himself in a short time later.

This isn'tLarry's first brush with the law.The dad just got out of prison in March and has a lengthy criminal record.

Larry Stephens has bonded out of jail.His attorney said there could bea press conference on Wednesday to talk about this. "I am proud that he turned himself in," said Rouson.

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