Odessa, FL --They're kids that may end up having a life on the streets otherwise, but a Bay area heiress is reaching out to them and rewarding them for their hard work.

Wrigley gum fortune heiress Helen Rosburg is hosting a group of teens, giving them a Florida vacation for a few days.

Illinois- based Triple Threat Mentoring's goal is to empower urban youth, teens that may otherwise turn to violence and street crime in some of Chicago's worst neighborhoods.

After teens complete the "My Story" program, promoting courage, responsibility, and family, Helen invites them down to her Odessa home. She says the reason why she mentors these kids is simple: she loves them and they're family.

The so-called Wrigley Summer Camp is a right of passage for the teens, who have undergone three 8-week sessions combining arts, athletics, and academics.

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