TAMPA, Florida -- Teeth, scales, and nails: it's 10 feet of alligator lurking in a Tampa Palms retention pond, and appearing as the star of this news story.

Homeowner Bryan Peabody was taking pictures behind his home when something caught his eye.Peabody saw a Florida bobcat sitting on the pond's edge, so he grabbed his camera.

Photo Gallery:Gator vs. Bobcat

"When all of a sudden this monster head of a gator pops out of the water and it took my breath away. I mean, I was standing here breathless," he said.

Bryan stood riveted and watched as the massive, 10-foot gator emerged from the pond and, with stealth, zeroed in on a cat.

Moving closer, closer, and closer.

"Cause it was a lift and gracefully move toward the cat. And to see the cat just sit there like nothing's happening, I wanted to alarm it, like I said, but I couldn't believe that's how sneaky a huge gator can be."

The bobcat never noticed the gator, and sat thereasthe reptilecrawled within inches of it.

"He got all the way up to the cat, and literally I think a breath from the gator is what alerted the cat, and the cat jumped and the gator lunged from the sand to the edge."

Bryan has three children, including 5-year-old Madison, who plays outside, but he remembers this is the reptile and bobcat's turf.

"It's a respect relationship. We respect the animals, and the animals respect us."

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