Video: Walking for Equality

Jorge Alvarado, creator of Tampa's Pride on 7th, has been invited to speak and represent the Tampa Bay region at the welcome rally for Richard Noble. Noble, who began his walk in Palm Springs, CA on March 12th, 2011, will end his year plus journey in Jacksonville, FL on June 9th. The stop in Jacksonville, FL will be the ending point for Noble who has been walking in an effort to amend the American Civil Rights Act with a new American Equality Bill. Tampa's Pride on 7th committee is extremely excited to be a part of such a huge effort to end discrimination and make an effort to hand out harsher punishments to bullies. "It is an honor to be involved with this event and to represent the Tampa Bay area. Bullying and discrimination continue taking its tolls on others and it must be stopped. Equality is for everyone, not just select members of our society. We all should be protected and valued regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity," says Jorge Alvarado, founder of Pride on 7th. Alvarado is scheduled to speak at 2:20 pm on Saturday, June 9th. The welcome celebration for Richard Noble is from 1p-4p at the Rainbow House GLBT Community Center (2857 Mrya St. Jacksonville, FL). This event is open to the public.

Richard Noble was a victim of harassment and discrimination and decided to take a stand. Since the start of his effort, he has walked to nearly 150 cities throughout seven states. He walks to each city carrying a rainbow flag, for gay pride, with two eagle feathers. The feathers represent victims of suicide and bullying. Throughout his journey, he has been presented with proclamations, keys to the city and government letters in support of his cause. Noble plans to present the American Equality Bill and all of the support he's gathered to Congress in Washington, D.C. More information about Noble's efforts are available at

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