Tampa, Florida -- About this time each month, Downtown Tampa is taken over by nearly a dozen food trucks.

The Mayor's Food Truck Fiesta is held the first Wednesday of the month and so far it has been a huge hit.

Food Truck Fiesta began last November and can draw as many as 1,500 people to Lykes Gaslight Square Park. There are spaces for 11 trucks and the goal is to introduce three new businesses each month.

Robert and Michelle Faedo operate Michelle Faedo'son the Go. They have beenon the go for a year nowand business is great. People line up to taste their devil crab and cuban sandwiches. Their Cuban was just voted the best in Florida. Michelle says the secret is the fresh bread she gets from a local bakery.

Bring a ten dollar bill and you'll leave, full, satisfied and with some change in your pocket.

Stacy and Rob Rozzo are the people behind the Tasty Stacy food truck.Their signature dish isa chicken cutlet sandwichwhich has fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and a vinegarette that adds just the right kick. They also say good bread is key.

Not onlyare the food trucksconvenient for folks who live and work in downtown Tampa, but they are pretty affordable too. For$7.50 at Tasty Stacy's you can get a sandwich, chips and a drink. That includes tax.

Click on the videos to learn more about the Mayor's Food Truck Fiesta.

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