St. Petersburg, Florida -- It was a dream years in the making.

17-year-old Stephan and 10-year-old Dejah are siblings who have spent most of their lives in foster care. That all came to an end last week when they were in court to have their adoption finalized.

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Their new forever parents are amazing people.

Esther and Chris Berry already have five children of their own and four grandchildren. Last year they adopted another brother and sister pair who didn't want to be separated, 16-year-old Melissaand Willie, 17.

The empty nesters knew right away that adopting these children before they aged out of the system was the right thing to do.

But the Berrys aren't done yet. Later this year they will adopt another foster child. His name is Christopher and he is also 17 years old. That means theBerrys will have four teens and a 10-year-old in their home by the end of the year.

Click on the video link to see their adoption story. We also profiled Stephan and Dejah twice before on 10 News:

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