Bradenton, Florida -- They line up rain or shine. Some days, they crowd the street by the dozens. Other days, it's by the hundreds.

A "Free Food" sign is on display, the groceries are out, and the line of people who need them is only growing longer at The Source, a church on SR 64 in Bradenton.

"What we find is the working poor," says Joanne Hoehne, who leads the church with herhusband, Pastor Ralph Hoehne."So they don't necessarily qualify for food stamps, but yet they have nothing left at the end of the month when they've paid their bills."

The Source has becomea sourceof food for so many in the Bradenton area.Itall started two years ago with just a couple loaves of bread. Now, they get anonymous donations by the truckload. Volunteers help run everything, and even the trucks that refrigerate the food have been donated.

"We stumbled uponthis quite accidentally, but it's been really awesome just being able to do it and get it into the hands of people who need it," Joanne says. "We saw such a huge void that we didn't even think was there."

Monday through Friday, the food brings a variety of people. Some drive a Mercedes. Others have eaten cat food to make ends meet.

"It shows me the immense need in our area for something like this, and how hurting people are," Joanne says. "To be able to know that we can fill that need, in even just a small way, is just huge."

To find out more about how to receive food at The Source, call 941-592-3301.

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