Tampa, Florida -- The Hillsborough County School District confirms Chamberlain High Schoolwill beon modified lockdown until the end of the school year tomorrow.

District spokeswoman Linda Cobbe tells 10 News the district was alerted on May 30th at a man checked himself into a mental health facility because he could not stop thinking about an attack on Chamberlain High School. An automated message was sent to alert parents about what happened that same day.

Another alert went out to parents Wednesday afterthe manwas released from the facility.

Police say the man is 39-year-old Freddy Velazquez.

Police do not believehe has the means to carry out an attack.

Forest Hills Elementary and Adams Middle School are also on a modified lockdown because of their proximity to Chamberlain High.

"The circumstances here are still being investigated and if an arrest is warranted, one will be made," said Cpl. Kert Rojka with Tampa Police, "But at this time, it's under investigation, but again, he checked himself in for having thoughts of this, there was no overt threat made to anyone that we know of at this time."

Rojka says the crisis center tells them Velazquez says voices in his head were telling him to go to the school and shoot people, which troubled him. Police say Velazquez told the center that the voices also told him to go to a pawn shop to look at guns, so he checked himself into the facility.

Yesterday, when the man checked out of that facility, Cobbe says they were alerted by police again and placed the high school on a modified lockdown, which means the front gates are locked and no one can get in or off campus. Students can still go to class as normal.

Since it's final exam week, school is being let out early.

Cobbe says you can expect to seeadditional security on campus today and tomorrow.Police tell us there will be uniformed and plain clothed officers keeping an eye on the campus.

"We take it very seriously and we're doing everything we possibly can to ensure the safety of everyone on the campus," said Cpl. Rojka.

"I think it's better now that we have more security around the school," said 10th grader, Karina, " We have adults that are at every exit because we had heard he figured out the layout of our school. I feel a little more safe now that we have more adults at our school."

The district has also sent a picture of the man to parents along with the automated message to keep people on the look out.

Rojka says investigators know where Velazquez is.

"It's really just sad that some people have these kids of mental issues that they need to deal with, so hopefully, he gets the help he needs and everyone will be safe," said parent, Angie Lehlbech.

Tomorrow is the last day of school.

Tampa Police say there is no known connection to the high school, however Velazquez is known to frequent the area of Sulfur Springs, Waters Avenue and Florida Avenue. He is a transient.

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