AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The shutdown is affecting the Maine Army and Air National Guard. 280 federal workers within the guard were told to leave their jobs and go home Today.

They work in guard across the state from Caribou to Portland. They work in warehouses, local armories and other guard facilities, doing everything from distributing supplies, maintaining equipment and vehicles and providing logistics for weekend training sessions.

"This would severely limit and reduce the capability of the main National Guard and have an immediate effect on our readiness", said Major Michael Steinbuchel, Public Affairs Officer for the Maine National Guard.

The technicians did show up for work this morning, but midway through the day they were told they were told to secure their areas and head home.

Because of the nature of the shutdown it is unclear how long they will be out of work. it is still undetermined whether or not they will get back pay for these lost hours.

"You can imagine the anxiety that many of our employees are feeling with the potential of being in a nonpaying, non duty status for an amount of time that we just don't know", Steinbuchel said.

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