Tallahassee, Florida - Is your child ready to take the pledge?

Florida's First Lady Ann Scott is encouraging students to take a reading pledge as part of the 2012 Summer Literacy Adventure.

She kicked off the program Friday by reading a book to a group of students in Tallahassee. Mrs. Scott said when she was a child she really looked forward to gathering up a stack of books at the library and reading them over the summer.

The Literacy Adventure challenges children to read as many books as possible over summer vacation.

Mrs. Scott encouraged the children to make it fun and share their reading with friends and family.

"It is so important to keep reading over the summer, keeping your reading skills up so that when school starts again you're ahead of the game and ready to learn. I hope all of you join me in taking the pledge to read today and be a part of the Summer Literacy Adventure."

Students can fill out their reading pledge at

When summer ends, the Department of Education will tally up which schools had the most participants. The winner will receive free passes to any state park.

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