Tampa, Florida- "Somebody just broke into my house."

Those are the first words from 9-year-old Desmond Pringley. He dialed9-1-1 just seconds after two men busted into his house.

In the background, the 9-1-1 operator could hearDesmond's father screaming and struggling as the suspects tried to tie him up.

"Who is your father yelling at right now?The people who broke in. Are they still there right now? Yeah. And you don't know who they are? No.I'm scared."

Desmondwas hiding behind a chair, describing what he heard and saw as the suspects tore through the house. Because of his quick thinking, police were able to nab one of the suspects, and Friday they arrested the other, 21-year-old Andrew Portugues.

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor honored Desmond for his bravery at a ceremony held by Tampa Police at Desmond's school.With a smile and a handshake, Chief Castor handed Desmond theher Heroism Award in front of all of his classmates. His father watched proudly asChief Castorpinned a badge to his chest.

"We are here to give Desmond Pringley the Chief's Bravery Award for what he did June 5 and for helping his father and us get two bad guys off the street."

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