Brandon, Florida - Newly released video may help investigators find the person who killed a man outside a Brandon movie theatre a year ago this past week.

It happened at the AMC Regency just east of I-75 at Highway 60,during Memorial Day Weekend of 2011.

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Investigators have been showing the public pictures, asking peopleto look at the man in the pictures, what he's wearing, and the way he walks.

For Mary Buchanan it's hard to believe it's been a year, and that her son's murder remains unsolved.

"Sometimes it seems like a long time. Sometimes it seems like it happened just minutes ago," she said.

Sean Buchanan, just 26, wasa new father, and by all accounts a fun, musically talented young man.

"I hear music on the radio that he would sing or that he would listen to," said Mary, "Holidays, of course. Birthdays. Just any little thing can take you by surprise," she said of this year's pain.

Detective Greg Thomas, with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, says Sean had gone to see a movie and was confronted on the way to his car in the back parking lot.

Originally, detectives releasedvideo of a person of interest in the case, but have now publishedadditional videofrom a camera behind the theater.

In it, is a man, seen walking away from the scene too calmly for detectives' comfort.

"Most likely the individual that is seen on that angle, by the times we've collected and determined, would have had to have had at least seen or heard or something if they are not part of the actual incident himself," said Detective Thomas.

Investigators have also releasedvideo of Sean taken inside, just moments before he left the theater.

To this day, his murder still haunts people who work at the Regency Square shopping center. The parking lot isviewed by some as an unsafe place as long as a killer is on the loose.

Donna Parmer, who works next door says"We don't leave by ourselves. We don't walk anywhere by ourselves at night."

Her co-worker Tina Eggertsays it's frightening. "They're still out there," she says.

Which is why detectives and family members hope the newly released video will lead someone to come forward with a clue. A tip. The information theyneed to solve the case.

"So that they don't do this to anyone else," said Mary.

Deputies want to speak with anyone who might know something about the man seen wearing a baseball hat in the theater's surveillance video.

Investigators think he has a thin build, and issomewhere between 18 and 35 years old.

If you have any information,call Crimestoppers at 1-800-873-TIPS.

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