St. Petersburg, Florida - Try It team member Christie Bruner's daughter Grace is like most kids, she loves cool frosty drinks.

So when Christie heard about the Slushy Magic, which promises to turn any liquid into frosty fun, she knew she had to give it a try.

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The Slushy Magic uses three liquid freezer bags that need to be placed in your freezer.Once frozen, just place them in the cup, add your drink of choice, place the lid on top and just shake for three minutes.

The Slushy Magic did work, Christie was just disappointed with the amount of slushy that was left after you remove the three bags.

Less than half of a glass of frozen drink was left. Even though Grace was not happy with the amount, Christie still gave this product a thumbs up, based on the amount of fun your child will have and the fact that you might be able to get them to try some healthier drink alternatives.

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