St. Petersburg, Florida -- The closer we get to the presidential election... the more attack ads you can expect to see on TV. 10 News reporter Allison Kropff and PolitiFact Florida fact-check one of those ads attacking promises made by President Barack Obama.

The conservative advocacy group, Crossroads GPS, has a new ad claiming President Obama has broken his campaign promises.

Fact-checkers at PolitiFact Florida say this will be the centerpiece of attacks that we're going to hear from Republicans up until the November election.

But are the claims in this ad true? Here's what we found.

"Broken: Obamacare raises 18 different taxes." PolitiFact Florida rates this: MOSTLY FALSE.

"President Obama extended the George Bush-era tax cuts and he also rolled back payroll taxes with help from Congress. So really for most everyone who's making 250,000 or less, you're actually paying less in taxes now than you did at the start of the Obama Administration. There's just a few, specific individual cases where it might be otherwise," says Aaron Sharockman with PolitiFact Florida.

"Broken: Millions could lose their healthcare coverage and be forced into a government pool." PolitiFact Florida rates this: FALSE.

"What you need to know is, the healthcare law doesn't create a government pool of healthcare, it creates private marketing exchanges. These are essentially private insurers that come together and they offer insurance to people across the country," says Sharockman.

Barack Obama makes this statement in the ad, "Today, I'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office."

The ad claims he hasn't even come close with PolitiFact Florida rates: TRUE.

"This is something we're tracking on the Obama-meter, which tracks more than 500 of Obama's promises. He said he would try to have the deficit, he has been unable to do that. He actually admits that failure and says it was a lot worse when I came in office than what I realized so I haven't been able to meet that promise," says Sharockman.

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