ORLANDO, Florida(CBSMiami) - Caught on camera - a woman trying to bribe a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who pulled her over for speeding.

Last Thursday 21-year old Ashley Anderson was pulled over by the trooper after she left the Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando. The trooper said Anderson was doing 12 miles over the speed limit.

During the stop, a dash cam in the patrol car reportedly caught Anderson twice trying to offer thetrooper a bribe of $3,000 to make it all go away.

"So there's no way I can pay you off and have this all go away," Anderson can be heard saying on the tape. "You know I can like give you $3,000 in cash."

When told it was illegal to try and bribe a law enforcement officer, Anderson replied "I know it's illegal, but I did it before. I bribed a cop and I got away with it in Miami."

The trooper noted that Anderson's speech was slurred and she smelled of alcohol. Anderson refused to take a field sobriety test.

Anderson was charged with DUI and felony bribery.

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