TAMPA, FL --Floridastudents are breathing sighs of relief this morning, but the future of student loan rates is still murky.

DespiteFriday's votes to keep student loan interest rates flat, the future ofthese loan rates still has many students and parents asking Ways 2 Save for help.

So this morning we're catering to families who are just starting to save, students who are in over their heads and those trying to find the best private or federal student loan help.

Once again, I'm breaking this down into three different categories.

1) Planning Ahead

If you want to be way ahead of the game by saving for college very far in advance, the award-winning Upromise website is free, completely legit and will deposit money into a college savings account for you based on your everyday spending.

For example, simple purchases on everything from drug store to grocery purchase gets "free college-saving cash" deposited to a special "Upromise" account. Upromise is the largest private source of college funding contributions in the United States.

To date, Upromise and its partners have contributed more than $670 million to their members' Upromise college savings accounts.

The site can also help you if you are already a student in college. My favorite pairing with Upromise is opening a high-yield savings account to offer a 10% annual match on your Upromise earnings. CLICK HERE

2) Loan Shopping

One of the top websites and key players for helping students find the top private loans is This award-winning website also gives individuals key private loan advice and puts people in touch with some of the best financial resources out there. The site is unbiased, independent and could find you the help for which you've been searching. CLICK HERE

3) Struggling with payments?

Anyone with a federal student loan can apply for a program that caps monthly payments based on income and forgives remaining balances after 25 years.

Those choosing to work in public service could have their loans forgiven after just 10 years. This independent non-profit source also helps put federal student loan payments further into perspective.CLICK HERE

We encourage you to please do your own research. We're just passing along suggestions and we do not endorse any type of loan or any company that can assist you.

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