ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- With a crash of snapped wood and twistedmetal,the top of a porch is pushed from the roof ofa PSTA bus.

The bus smashed intoa housing unit in Jordan Park after it was t-boned by a Toyota Venza driven by 21-year-old Derrick Mims, police say.

Cops say the car was reported stolen early Sunday morning. Today, a Gulfport officer spotted it, ran the tag, confirmed it was stolen, and gave chase into St. Pete.

Within seconds, there was chaos as the bus lurched over the curb, ripped the porch roof off a house, and came to rest with its face buried, pressed into the fa├žade.

Six passengers inside the bus wereall transported to the hospital.

Mims and his passenger were sent to the hospital as trauma victims. Mims' 2-year-old child was in the car as well and was transported to All Children's Hospital.

As the sun set, dozens of residents watched as salvage crews dragged the carand bus away,leaving behind a mass of debris.

Amazingly, no one was standing on the sidewalk or in the street when the collision took place.

Policesecuredthe area and property, saying residents in Jordan Park dodged a bullet.

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