Sarasota, Florida -- Deputies say they have arrested the burglar who broke into a Sarasota grandmother's home over the weekend, and was shot by the homeowner.

Acting on a tip, detectives on Mondayfound 26-year-old Michael Sterlace at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where he was seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to his arm.

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Sterlace allegedly tried to break intothe woman's home in the upscale Hidden Oaks neighborhood Saturday night. The woman fired two shots at the burglar as he smashed through the glass door in the back of the home. The burglar fled and the woman made a tearful, frantic call to 911.

"He had a bandana up over his face. I couldn't tell if he was carrying. He may have been armed. I just was so frightened at the noise," the victim said during the call.

She says she was so frightenedat the sight of a man breaking into her house she got a gun and fired at him. She says, "It's a .38 caliber. I've got it laying on my counter here. I've never used it except for target practice."

After detectives found Sterlace on Monday, they went to his apartment with a search warrant. There they were met bySterlace's girlfriend, 22-year-old Taylor Dammann, who refused to give investigators the keys to a car where evidence was being stored.

Sterlace was arrested and charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, whileDammann was arrested for obstruction without violence.

Both are considered suspects in several other recent residential burglaries.

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