St. Petersburg, Florida --A couple terrorized during a pair of home invasions last month speaks out, even as the suspects,who murdered a man during a second robbery, remain on the loose.

Untilnow, Becky and GreggGordon have been too terrified to speak about the home invasion robbery that left them physically and mentally traumatized.

But they've decided to break their silence in an effort to getthe story back out in the public eye,and get their attackers off the streets.

Still terrified, Becky Gordon says she can still feel the sensation of a gun barrel pressed against her head.

"With a gun to your head saying, 'Let's just do this', I figured it was over," she says.

For his part, Gregg Gordoncan't forget the shouting or the beating he took at the hands of four armed men.

His dried blood is still splattered on the couple's bedroom walls.

"I thought it was the last time I was going to tell my wife that I loved her," said Gregg choking back tears, clutching Becky's hand.

St. Petersburg police believe three weeks ago, the Gordons' home was the first of two houses targeted by a group of armed thugs.

At the second house, 25 minutes later and less than two miles away, the confrontation turned deadly.

41-year-old Rick Shaw was murdered.

Surveillance video captured chilling images of the suspects as they entered Shaw's house the same way they'd busted into the Gordons'.

"They came charging in yelling, 'Police!'" said Gregg, "And there was a 45 caliber under the mattress on my wife's side. Shehas it for protection. And I mean, the only reason I didn't reach for it is because they yelled police."

Gregg Gordon thinks they were targeted by someone who knew about his wholesale jewelry business.

"They went straight for the safe," he says.

The robbery has left the Gordons not only traumatized, but financially devastated.

A friend has set-up a website to raise money for the couple, who've been afraid to return to the home since the robbery took place.

"We're the only living witnesses. They have nothing to lose. Home invasions. It's life in prison, and they killed somebody. So it's death penalty. What do they have to lose?" said Becky.

With no one arrested yet, St. Petersburg police are admittedly frustrated.

They're still asking the public for help, convinced someone out there has the information needed to solve this case.

"In fact, there are probably some folks who look at that video and say the mannerisms look like somebody I know," said department spokesman Mike Puetz.

The Gordon's hope someone will come forward.

With suspects clearly capable of murder,they know it could have just as easily been them killed that morning.

And until arrests are made?

"No body's safe," said Gregg, "And somebody knows them. I know somebody knows them."

If you have any information which can help solve this case, you're askedto contact St. Petersburg police.

For more information about the effort to help the Gordon's, click here.

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