TAMPA, Florida - Jury selection is under way in the federal trial of Cortnee Brantley.

Brantleyis charged with "misprison of a felony" or failing to report a felony.She is the girlfriend of Dontae Morris, who is accused of gunning down Tampa police officers, Dave Curtis and Jeff Kocab, in June 2010.

Police said it happened when the officers stopped the car Brantley and Morris were driving in. Morris had an outstanding warrant and, according to authorities, shot the officers to death.

The indictment makes a number of specific allegations, including that Brantley fled the crime scene after witnessing a convicted felon shoot two police officers, removed evidence from the crime scene by relocating her car, and had telephone contact with her boyfriend after the shooting.

In October 2010, federal charges were dropped against Brantley. But the U.S. Court of Appeals re-instated them in February 2012.

Although the charge violates both state and federal law, high-profile Tampa attorney Barry Cohen believes state and federal authorities may have discussed it and agreed they'd have a better shot trying the case in federal court.

Cohen added whether Brantley is acquitted or convicted in federal court, the state can still file its own charges against her. If convicted, she could face up to three years in prison.

Meanwhile, Morris remains in jail. He's accused of killing a total of five people.

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