Tampa, Florida - Cortnee Brantley's federal trial began Monday, but it was a different case that loomed large.

Brantley's former boyfriend, Dontae Morris, is accused of gunning down two Tampa police officers in 2010 and his murder trial is still pending.

But Brantley drove the car that deadly morning and she's charged with misprision of a felony. Basically, prosecutors say she concealed from police that Morris, a convicted felon, possessed a gun and ammunition.

They say Brantley lied for love and as proof they'll offer up as evidence a text from Brantley to Morris saying "'Til death do us part."

Brantley's attorney, Grady Irvin, contends his client really didn't see the shootings and outside the courthouse he said, "I believe in jury trials. I believe in the jury system."

During the jury selection process, several prospective jurors revealed they had heard something about the case.

One man told the judge, "It was all over the news for a long time. I felt very sorry for the officers involved... I have formed an opinion. She should have done something to keep that from happening."

Another man was excused after he said, "I don't believe she was an innocent bystander... I thought she had a part in the whole scheme of things."

Eventually, a panel of eight women andfour men were seated to hear the case.

During the trial, the panel will see a dashboard camera videotape of the killings. Several prospective jurors said that would be difficult for them to watch.

And certainly, that will also be the case for the friends and relatives of the officers who are also in the courtroom. Kelly Curtis, the wife of slain officer David Curtis, was among those attending the trial.

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