Tampa, Florida -Tampa Police have charged a man with impersonating a police officer and asking a woman if she knew where he could buy cocaine.

Investigators say 23-year-old Sandy Johnson pulled alongside a woman who was driving with her kids in the car near 50th street and MLK on Sunday afternoon.

Johnson allegedly asked the woman if she had any or knew where topurchase any cocaine. The victim told the suspect she did not appreciate him asking her that question in front of her children, and drove away.

The victim then noticed the suspect was still following her. After they stopped at a stop sign, police say Johnson blocked the woman's car with his truck and held up what appeared to be a police badge and yelled, "I'm an officer!"

The victim was frightened and immediately drove home and notified the police. While searching the area, officers found the suspect's vehicle and located the suspect.

When police searched Johnson's vehicle, they found the metal badge that was inscribed with black lettering, "Security- Police."

Johnson was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a badge and falsely impersonating a police officer.

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