Tampa, Florida - Protesters planning on coming to the Republican National Convention are being encouraged to "battle" authorities and "let nothing stop" them.

That's part of the message included in a 5-minute long video recently posted online by a masked person claiming to be with the hacker collective Anonymous.

"We are a legion, we are many and we do not forgive you (Tampa Mayor Bob) Buckhorn and we will not obey these authoritarian laws," the person says regarding the city's clean zone which has been established for the week of the convention.

"Now is our time to show that we have had enough and we will show this by giving our oppressors a battle they will forever remember," the person adds.

Tampa Police say they were made aware of the video last week and continue to monitor Internet chatter and videos that may encourage protesters to cause problems and break laws during the convention.

"Well, it is certainly disconcerting whenever there is propaganda out there that is trying to incite violence. It's simply wrong, that's not the answer and it's dangerous," said Tampa Police Spokesperson Laura McElroy.

"If people want to disobey the laws, if people want to cause problems, we're going to be ready to deal with them but we can't stop them from doing it," added Buckhorn.

Officials say the GOP convention, which is scheduled to begin on August 27th, will attract about 15,000 protesters.

Experts say Anonymous is not a group as much as a collective of hackers from around the world. They say Anonymous has no leader, no one spokesperson and anonymity is what they want for those involved with this anti-government, anti-establishment movement.

In the past, Anonymous claims it has crashed government websites including two city of Chicago sites during the May NATO meetings.

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