Ruskin, Florida -- Hillsborough County Marine Unit deputies rescued a woman from the channel near a Ruskin resort after she threatened to kill herself.

Photo Gallery:Woman rescued from bay

The sheriff's office says 47-year-old Karen Fletcher, who appeared intoxicated, was kicked out of The Resort & Club at Little Harbor after she caused a disturbance on the evening of July 19. Witnesses told deputies she threatened to kill herself and jumped into the bay.

Florida Fish and Wildlife responded to find the woman treading water in the channel. FWC officials say they tried to talk her into swimming towardtheir boat and evenoffered her a life vest but she refused the help.

An HSCO Marine Unit also responded and threw her rope which she threw out of the way. About 40 minutes later and numerous attempts, two deputies jumped into the water and subdued her without injury and took her to shore.

The woman was taken to Brandon Hospital for a mental evaluation.

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