Check this out in south Miami. You definitely don't see this everyday. A large crocodile roaming the streets.

Scary enough cops arrive, then the croc stops and you can really get a good look at those sharp teeth.

This all happening in south Miami in the area of southwest 65th Avenue around 5:30 am.

PHOTOS:250 pound crocodile captured

"It seems like it came from down the street but it came from the canal from down the street. It went to everybody's front door and it ended up at my front door. My front door right there."

The crocodile, 8 to 10 feet weighing about 250 pounds, was walking around going on people's lawns.

The trappers were called in, who luckily caught the crocodile before anyone was injured.

Officials took the reptile to an undisclosed location away from humans.

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