St. Petersburg, Florida - A chain email claims the media won't publish a real photo of Trayvon Martin with tattoos on his face. The email then claims to "expose" Martin's true appearance.

10 news reporter Allison Kropff andPolitiFact Florida investigate the photo you may have seen in your inbox.

A chain email circulating claims you don't know what Trayvon Martin looked like the night he was shot and killed. This is the picture you're most used to seeing, but this is the picture the chain emails claims is what Trayvon Martin looked like the night he died.

People wrote to PolitiFact Florida saying they wanted them to look into this. So fact checkers did.

"We found that the chain email was really trying to stoke the fires against Trayvon Martin and trying to make him seem a lot tougher than the media would have you believe," says Katie Sanders with PolitiFact Florida.

The man in the email has facial hair, tattoos on his hands, neck and face. The most noticeable, a red star with a Los Angeles Dodgers logo inside it.

"He just looks a lot tougher than the Trayvon we've seen in the pictures," says Sanders.

It didn't take long for fact-checkers to discover this is the rapper known as "Game." He's 32-years-old from Compton, California.

Because the investigation proves it's not Trayvon Martin, PolitiFact Florida rates this claim, PANTS ON FIRE.

"Pants on Fire rating is our worst rating. For the most egregious offenders when it comes to lying," says Sanders.

PolitiFact Florida contacted Game's publicist who says this picture was most likely taken at a magazine photo shoot.

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