Land O' Lakes, Florida -- The garage is now secured, but it will take more than boards and nails to deal with this neighborhood's dicey, spicy problem. With law enforcement now cracking down on large-scale spice operations, investigators fear there could be unintended consequences for neighborhoods.

"I really believe that as time goes on and we start doing more of these cases, they're going to go underground and we're going to see more of this stuff taking place in residential neighborhoods," said Lt. Chuck Balderstone of the Pasco Sheriff's Office. "And as you can see it poses a huge danger."

And that danger hit a Land O' Lakes neighborhood Tuesday evening like a bomb.

Photo Gallery:'Spice' home lab explodes

"It shook the earth and everyone came out of their houses," said Kristin DeBoskey of the blast.

So what can residents do to protect themselves? Well, Sheriff Chris Nocco suggests being a nosy neighbor and going with your gut.

"Suspicious behavior-everybody has that 6th sense that something just doesn't feel right," said Nocco at a news conference Wednesday.

Inside the Breezy Oak Court garage investigators found spice ingredients: the herb-like base material, chemicals, the solvent acetone, and package wrappers. All that stuff needs to get there somehow, so excessive deliveries may also be a tip off to a spice lab.

Detectives say there could also be strong odors from the acetone; think nail polish remover dialed up to the max.

"They either don't ventilate and it blows up like this one did or they ventilate it and you're going to be able to smell and it's going to smell like a body shop," said Balderstone.

Experts say spice is dangerous to use, but this week's explosion brings spice danger home to most anyone.

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