(CBS News) Madonna is drawing criticism from the organization, Mother Against Guns, for using machine gun and pistol replicas in her concert a day after the Aurora, Colo., movie-theater shooting.

"Madonna and her dancers using replica guns was always in bad taste, but given what happened in Colorado, it is even worse. She should know better," a spokesman for Mothers Against Guns told the U.K.'sDaily Record.

Some reports say Madonnafailed to followa police request asking her to tone down her Edinburgh, Scotland, show following Friday's shooting, which left 12 dead and dozens injured.

E! News, meanwhile, spoke with Edinburgh's Lothian and Borders Police about the concert, which had a different story: "Media reports which said police had advised her not to include firearms and weapons during her performance were incorrect. In fact the event Commander, Superintendant Craig Naylor, said that the props used by Madonna were no different to the type of props which will be seen at many of the Edinburgh festival venues during the month of August. Therefore no penalties will be faced."

Madonna's team explained why the pop star didn't tone down her show.

"Madonna would rather cancel her show than censor her art," a member of Madonna's tour team told theHuffington Post. "Her entire career, she has fought against people telling her what she can and cannot do. She's not about to start listening to them now."

Madonna will be on the road through the end of the year.

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