WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congresswoman Kathy Castor will hosted a telephone news conference Wednesday regarding the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and the recent resignation of Florida Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson.

At the conference, Rep. Castor called on the U.S. Department of Education to investigate the recent problems surrounding the FCAT.

PDF:Formal request to investigate FCAT

In the request, Castor cites how last year over 80 percent of Florida's fourth graders were deemed proficient in writing, yet only 27 percent passed under this year's new FCAT.

In June, the Florida School Boards Association passed a resolution calling on the Governor, Florida Legislature, and State Board of Education to review Florida's testing program. Joie Cadle, president of the Florida School Boards Association, also participated in the call to discuss those concerns and the resolution passed by the board.

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