Attached isa collection of Chick-fil-A memes that we've seen over the last week or two.Since we work at a TV station, in this gallery, we've only included ones without nudity or curse words, so they are as SFW (safe for work) as they can be.

Note that, in no way, are these or the choices of these in any way a reflection of the politics of 10 News or We are entirely neutral on this issue, other than the fact that most of us just really like chicken and chicken sandwiches, as long as the place that they come from is clean (see below).

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A meme (heads up broadcasters, it is pronounced MEEM) is an image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another. They are typically created by commenters in forums on the Internet around current events, meant to be funny, and circulate all across the Internet.

In other words, some internet classclownmakes up something, usually a picture with something written on itin bold font (Arial Black or Impact, like in the Samuel L. Jackson meme we chose to go with this article) to make his or her Internet friends LOL.

They LOL, and if the topic is relevant and the photo is funny, the Internet friends will share it with other internet friends, on Facebook, Twitter, in forums, email and whereever, and it goes from there as people share them. If it starts to span the entire web, it becomes a meme. (*Editor's opinion: The funniest ones have always started in the commentsat

An example of this that you've likely seen,maybe eventhousands of times, is the example of LOLcats at Check em out at the link below.

LOLCATS:Lolcats on

Memes go back a pretty long way. Here are some old school internet memes:

News story gone funny:Bubb Rubb: The whistle goes whoo whoo

Scary clock with legs had the entire internet wondering if the photo was real:Clock Spider

This cat is NOT pleased:Limecat

Kid pretending to be a Jedi accidentally leaves the video tape rolling, with hilarious consequences: Star Wars Kid

Got a favorite meme? Send it to and we'll post it hereif we LOL. But prolly on Monday since we don't all work weekends.

You can also post and join the DISCUSSION on our Facebook page.

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