TAMPA, Florida (AP) - A manatee rescued in January has given birth to a 67-pound baby at the Lowry Park Zoo and has also adopted an orphan manatee as her own.

The mama manatee, nicknamed Joannie, was rescued Jan. 31 from the St. John's River in Jacksonville suffering from cold stress.

After giving birth on July 13 to a healthy calf, nicknamed Lad, Joannie has also become a mother a second time to an orphaned manatee, nicknamed Cheeno.

Cheeno is not a newborn; at 142 pounds, he was too young to be on his own when he was brought to the zoo for cold stress, and has now established a bond with Joannie.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that occasionally, Lad and Cheeno nurse at the same time, on opposite sides.

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