If you are looking for a way to grill a sandwich without a pan and spatula, we might have a solution. Try It Before You Buy It team member Orel put theChefman Sandwich Grill to the test. It claims to cook omelets, French toast and sandwiches easily.

The Chefman is a 2-sandwich grill that browns both sides of the sandwich at once. Orel made grill cheese sandwiches, one with tomatoes and one without using whole wheat bread.

The instructions recommend that you butter the bread on the side that will be grilled and use a nonstick spray or vegetable oil to coat the grill plates.

Once the bread and cheese were on the grill, she closed the lid... but had trouble doing so. The lid issupposed to lock to ensure proper grilling, but it did not. She blamed it on the thickness of the bread.

It took about five minutes to grill the sandwiches. There is an indicator light to let you know when the sandwichesare done grilling.

Orel found that while the Chefman did a pretty good job of grilling the sandwiches, it did not cut them in half as promised. She felt that to get the best results, you need to use thinner, square shaped bread and limit what you put on it.

Orel gave theChefman Sandwich Grill a thumbs down.

We found the grill selling for anywhere from $12.99 to$20.49. It's available locally and online.

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