TAMPA, Florida - Officials with the Republican National Convention have decided to postpone the event until Tuesday because of Tropical Storm Isaac.

The RNC is set to convene on Monday, when officials will immediately move to recess.

"We want to make sure that the safety of all the delegates, the conventiongoers, is paramount in this. And we're going to continue to make safety a chief priority here," said RNC communications director James Davis.

Officials are cautiously optimistic it will continue Tuesday. They're hoping to fold in a lot of the program elements from Monday into the remaining days of the convention.

The decision came just hours after the Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group unanimously voted to declare a local State of Emergency for the county. It would give them authority to do a number of things, including order evacuations, if necessary.

"What it does is just lets them know that we're serious. That we recognize the seriousness of this storm. That we're going to do everything that we always do during these circumstances to make sure we have all the things in place that we need if the storm track changes," said Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn.

An RNCgoer who spoke to 10 News seemed to be taking the change in stride. "I think we're in pretty good hands. I trust their judgment. They're taking some precautionary measures and everything," said Iowa delegate Steve Scheffler.

RNC officials said they plan on coming out with an updated schedule Sunday.

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