Tampa, Florida -- Protesters still plan a massive march Monday, despite the weather spinning away from Isaac and despite the cancelation of the day's major convention events.

"Plan A, we protest the RNC. Plan B, we protest the RNC in the rain," protester Karen Boyer said Sunday.

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That message is what we're hearing from a group of people who say they're fed up with our political system and they want the Republican Party's delegates, politicians, and donors to hear about it.

Occupy Wall Street protesters from New York rolled into town by bus Sunday. They pitched tents on the northern end of Downtown Tampa.

They'll join folks from several other groups in Monday's major protest event.

Despite the weather and despite the cancelation of the day's major GOP Convention events, theCoalition to March on the RNC will gather just east of Oaklawn Cemetery in northern Downtown Tampa at 10 a.m.

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Then at around noon, they plan to peacefully marchsouth down Morgan Street toward a designated protest lot near the Tampa Bay Times Forum, the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Tampa police did subdue a man walking around Downtown Tampa with a machete strapped to his leg Sunday.

A group of around 200 people rallied in Lykes Gaslight Park on Sunday and directed their chants at Bank of America Plaza. That group made its point and dissipated, causing commotion but no serious problems.

There were around 200 people in that impromptu protest; Monday's organizers expect their planned march to gather around 5,000 people.

One arrest so far

Police in Tampa have arrested a protester after he refused to take off a mask covering part of his face.

Police on bicycles were following and surrounding a breakoff group of protesters Monday. Two men wearing masks were asked to take them off. One man complied, the other did not and was taken by police to an SUV and driven away.

The group was loosely protesting against the wars overseas.

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