Tampa, Florida -- Protesters made their views known on the day the convention was supposed to convene.

They came to Perry Harvey Park, more than a mile away from the Tampa Bay Times Forum to express their anger and give speeches before the parade. It was like a pregame warm up.

Speakers talked about topics ranging from union busters to women's rights to the post office.

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The event brought to the park from all over the country like Matthew Malone. Malone says, "I'm here because the Republican Party stands for almost everything l'm opposed to."

Most in the park were opposed to the Republican Party and that's why they were here. Rae Abileah of Code Pink: Women for Peace came from San Francisco. Abileah says, "I think the Republicans are pursuing a war on women, really." She adds, "They are pursuing the curtailing women's rights."

While the protesters said that the rain and even the threat of a hurricane wouldn't keep people away, the truth is when the event started, it seemed as if there was more media than protesters.

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Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor told reporters, "They had hoped to have about 5,000 individualshere. Obviously they are not anywhere close to that number."

At 11 a.m. Castor estimated there were maybe 200 individuals protesting.

The crowd grew to between 500 and 1,000 by the time the protest parade started. Even though it was small, those participating felt like everyone was making a difference.

Malone says, "I'm going to exercise the rights I have to try to change the course of human history, so we don't crash and burn."

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