PORT CHARLOTTE, Florida (WINK) -- Two friends and residents at the River Commons Senior Living Community in Port Charlotte both celebrated their 100th birthdays today.

Today marked a very special and happy birthday for both Ed Dessart and Alyce Rider, as they both became Centenarians and celebrated with a big party.

Alyce Rider says she enjoyed the birthday party.

"Having my friends and family around me and all this lovely music, just having a lot of happiness."

She says determination and attitude helped her reach the milestone.

Dessart's wife of 34 years, Dolly, says it is her husband's attitude and active lifestyle that keep him young at heart.

"We want to show the rest of the nation a happier and healthier way of growing older and I'd say my husband Ed is doing a pretty good job at that."

From birthday cards to cake to 100 cupcakes, both Centenarians still have their wits about them, and they each have some words of wisdom for the younger generations.

"Just be careful and do what you've got to do and watch what you are doing, for every action there is a reaction," Rider says.

Dessart says, "I would say take one day at a time, everything in moderation."

Rider spent most of her adult life in Rochester, New York before retiring in Port Charlotte in the 70s. She still enjoys doing arts and crafts.

Dessart lived in New York City before moving to Port Charlotte also in the 70s. He's a musician and continues to play his guitar.

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